I just want to understand….

13 May

Man…TV and video games have seriously impuned on the productivity of Americans. I mean seriously…why go out and work hard when I can sit here and be hypnotized and thus distracted from my own abilities and talents??? I’ll tell you why….because the people you borrow money from are still sittin her empty handed, the activites that you pay taxes for are open for you, the public, and because EVERYONE ELSE HAS TO TOO. It GRINDS MY GOD DAMNED gears sometimes. I’m hit up left and right for money…..maybe it’s because it may appear to an untrained eye that since I live with my parents that I don’t pay bills. Well I am here to tell you that WE THE PEOPLE who work our asses of to have money for US, feel realllllyyyy jaded when we are taken advantage of…by people we love no less, family!! It doesn’t matter what the fuck I spend my money on, just because I don’t have an apartment DOESN’T necessarily have all this extra cash laying around! School is expensive y’all!


Back to why TV impunes on Americans productivity…

Some people are just USED to and accustomed to or adjusted to the fact that TV will be there to watch and waste time. You know when you are done numbing your mind there are more important things in life than what happens next in the saga of Sookie (granted I do watch that show) nevertheless the seasons of Charmed you’ve seen over and over. Get out and move. THe more effort you put towards getting up and making the money to support yourself, the more you will get out of it.


I just seem to misunderstand why my hard earned money is thought of as a savings account to others


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