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Learning to trust your gut: Women’s Intuition

8 Jul

Dear Confident Woman,

I want to admit a swindling….of me. I was played like a two-bit sucker, by a manipulative punk bitch posing as an intelligent man. Ew. I can’t believe my own stupidity. What I also can’t believe is that I am not the only one who has gone back, nee, accepted more than ONCE the bullshit a manipulator has called a personality back into my life. Parasitism.


I want whomever is reading this to pay very close attention. Listen to your gut. Listen to that little voice telling you what you should really do. Trust yourself and your intuition because it knows what is best for you. I know this is hard, but please trust me when I tell you that no matter what it ends up changing in your life it is worth it. I am 23. I have, hopefully, and ungodly amount of life left to live and discover. Please do not settle for ANYTHING LESS than amazing. Do something that scares you every single day. Don’t let the punk bitches of the world suppress your beautiful soul. You are amazing.


I have posted the link below to a rant from It delivers the deets to recognize when you have a manipulative fucker in your personal midst. Read carefully….it took me a sec to relate this to my sitch but it is definitely SPOT on after a little personal introspection.


Manipulative JERKs and How to Spot Them