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First is the Worst

30 Aug

Welcome to my blog…

I feel semi-cliche creating a blog  but staying in between the lines of my life never gave me very much comfort.  Due to what I feel is awesome advice from an awesome person (Tiina Luning) I decided to welcome myself into the world of blogging.  So here it is. A blog from the point of view of confidence who some deem bitchy….and that is perfectly fine with me.


I’m Gabrielle. A twenty-something still living at home trying to make it. Glamorous, huh?

The answer is hell yeah.


Now onto my actual reason for being here- – –


Many women struggle with confidence. Whether it be in what you wear, how you speak, personal relationships, work relationships, or just how you decide to hold yourself in general,  we stress and output plenty of anxieties based on different aspects of our life: JUST STOP. There are so many things one can do to buffer this and make yourself, if not completely happy and comfortable with your life, at least take steps towards enjoying the life you lead.


My blog is going to offer advice. If you want to refer to it as the “Bitch’s Guide to Confidence” do so….If you want to read it here in there, do so also. But I have a lot to say so I’d recommend reading it often ;););)

My goal is to make everyone realize, that once you get down to the bottom line, you are your own star. Most of the time, when you compare yourself to someone else, you lose. Comparing your situation to the situation of others is a losing battle…so BE CONFIDENT AND SECURE WITH WHO YOU ARE. If you need to make small adjustments to your life to make yourself feel more comfortable, then do it.


FOR EXAMPLE…take me. Now I think I have ugly teeth. Now that may be my insecurity and it could quite possibly be true. An asshole once told me that everything above my teeth was beautiful….and it stuck with me. Now regardless, I could just say screw it and realize that I am way more well off than many in the world and that  I am fed (well), sheltered, and loved and that having ugly teeth is not the worst that could happen. But then I snap out of it, realize that I am in GOD DAMN America and I can do what I want. So I am currently saving to have my little issue fixed and I can guarantee you that I am going to be smiling a whole lot bigger afterwords.


My point is this. Don’t feel bad for wanting something for yourself and definitely don’t feel bad for going through with it. We all need to say yes to ourselves more and no to others more often.